Bayside Bolts Fathers Days


Bayside Bolts Fathers Days Invitational




Team Check-In


Items Required:
- Roster (guest players maybe written in), 2 copies:  1 to hand in, other to keep on possession during game (see below note)
- Player Passes (guest players also require player passes)
- Medical Release Form:  Club specific, state soccer association are acceptable.  If you do not have a medical release form from your Club/State association.
- One team representative (coach, team manager, club registrar).  The entire team is not required to be present for registration.
- Roster, passes, and Medical Release Forms must be kept in possession during ALL games (with Coach or Team Manager).

To register, a team representative must present the following documents:



1) Team’s State Roster:




2) Player Passes authorized by their respective soccer association; (All player passes must be present and shall be verified                                        and compared with the tournament roster at team registration and prior to each match during the tournament.)   




3) Completed Medical Release Forms for each player.  

New Hampshire Classics & Bayside FC Bolts play during the Bayside FC Bolts Father's Day Invitational

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