Bayside FC Partners with Providence Country Day School to Build New Field

Bayside FC Partners with Providence Country Day School to Build New Field

Bayside FC is excited to announce its partnership with Providence Country Day School to build a new turf field. The field will be located in East Providence on Providence Country Day’s campus for PCD student-athletes and Bayside FC.

Bayside FC President, John Mark Andrade, has released the following statement:

"Our missions are similar as both PCD and Bayside FC work every day to help young people identify their strengths, foster leadership, and empower personal growth. We could not imagine a better partner for our program, and we look forward to bringing our players and families to the PCD campus in East Providence. This opportunity is very important for the growth and development of Bayside FC as our coaches and families work together to maximize the success of our players. We are proud to be able to continue operating in East Providence and providing our players a state of the art facility to play the game they love. We appreciate all of the efforts and hard work for those involved in making this project a reality.”

From NBC 10 News:

Providence Country Day School to get new, top-notch turf field

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EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WJAR) — When Providence Country Day School athletes hit the field, the ball's not always doing what they want it to.

"When I kick the ball normally my cleat usually gets stuck in the grass, and that's not the best thing, especially when I go to take a penalty or a free kick," soccer player Naya Habr told NBC 10 News.

But, by the time playoffs come around, they'll have a stadium-style spot to call their own.

"It kind of feels like you are a semi-professional athlete you know, a little more pep in your step," soccer player Bennett Hicks said.

"Everyone was excited because it's going to be a lot nicer and more people are going to come around," athlete Aryana Sadr added.

The school is planning to break ground on the new 81,000 square-foot turf field by the end of September.

"Being New Englanders you can never really anticipate what mother nature is going to throw our way, so the fact that we can use this rain or shine, I think is going to be a huge advantage for us," head of the school Kevin Folan said.

While the field will be right outside the school's doors, it's a premiere soccer club who is footing the $1.5 million bill.

"Bayside FC President John Mark Andrade is a wonderful partner," Folan said. "They have used our indoor facility at the field house for the last several years and this is the next step in that relationship."

Andrade issued a statement saying they share a mission with the school and are "looking forward to bringing our players and families to the PCD campus."

The new field is expected to drop kick both organizations into a higher tier.

"It's something a lot of other schools in the area have and it's nice for us to finally have something of that caliber," school athletic director Marquis Harper said.

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